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the irish dexter tallow balm

Simply the first and last skincare product anyone would need.

Our blend of organic Irish ingredients that nourishes, hydrates, and pampers sensitive or troubled skin with the goodness of Dexter Beef and Hemp Oil.

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Trish Quigley

Life can be so beautifully simple when we reduce it to just a few quality products

Life can be so beautifully simple when we reduce it to just a few quality products. Less is more when it comes to quality, whether it’s the food we eat or the products we use.

Paul Heverin

Would highly recommend

I bought a small hamper for my aunt from Maria and Colin. The presentation was 1st class and would be an ideal present if you have to post it. My aunt was very pleased with what we got as her skin is very sensitive and the production is to a very high standard. I would highly recommend the products.


Will order again.

Great combination for my morning routine! Seaweed soap leaves my face feeling fresh and tight and the morning cream is moisturizing but light enough to immediately put on makeup if needed. Will order again. Thank you.

Amy Walsh

Amazing products!

Amazing products! So cleansing and they smell incredible!!


Hard to live without once you try it. 

So! I've tried some of Namawe's products and I can tell that they deliver natural excellence, hard to live without once you try it. I've tried the horsetail shampoo bar, and it's the best I've had so far, in my entire life, for my curls. They look super beautiful, clean, and smells the best they've had. Also, I'm using the calendula balm for any small bruises, as after shave and for my psoriasis. It's been doing an awesome job for the first two, while has also being good at keeping my psoriasis at bay.

Trish Quigley

Life can be so beautifully simple when we reduce it to just a few quality products.

Life can be so beautifully simple when we reduce it to just a few quality products. Less is more when it comes to quality, whether it’s the food we eat or the products we use. Your face Cleansing Soap is a dream product. From a practical point of view, one simple bar of soap beats all those jars, bottles and cotton wool, (that clutter your home and gather dust for you to clean), while at the same time cleaning your face so perfectly well in the most simple and natural way.

Soap and hot water is an age old simple cleanser of the skin. Your soap has the perfect blend of lovely natural ingredients to really successfully cleanse the face. It is so soft and gentle and feels so natural on the skin. When met with warm water, it creates the perfect lather for a good cleaning motion.

Likewise with your gorgeous Aloe Vera/Rose Water Cream. I simply love it and deem it to be the all-time best face cream I’ve ever used.

For me It ticks every box - the perfect texture (a quality so rare) - blends into the skin so beautifully.

Using it brings me great joy and ritual, my skin feeling so soothed and nurtured afterwards. The perfect treat before sleep at night and the perfect start to the day.

I much appreciate the love, care, effort and attention to detail, that is so evident from your work Maria, and I feel grateful for your beautiful products.

With quality products like yours, one can really simplify life. A bar of cleansing soap and a jar of cream totally satisfy my skincare. How simple is that! Delivered by Maria with a big smile!

May you continue to thrive in doing what you love doing, while providing the great gift of healthy natural skin products, with environmentally low impact.


Handcrafted, 100% Natural

cold pressed namawe irish handmade soap westport


Buy directly from the maker with every Namawe product made by hand. Our products are developed with specific conditions in mind, they last longer and are better for the environment.


There’s no such thing as sustainable palm oil. We use local Irish alternatives to make longer-lasting soap bars guilt-free.


(Vegan options available)

Happy, 100% Mayo Grass-fed Irish cow fat offers a unique complex combination of nutrients (A, D, K, E, & B12). Tallow makes our soaps last longer and deliver a deeper lather which locks in more moisture.  

cold pressed namawe irish handmade soap westport


We cure our soap at ambient temperature for over a month. This traditional saponification process releases the water excess and ensures the creation of Natural Glycerine. This make our soaps a wholeproduct full of nutrients and benefits.

cold pressed namawe irish handmade soap westport


We want every ingredient in our products to bring benefits. That's why we colour our soaps using herbal and natural colourants  such as clays, roots, plants, and algae (Instead of cosmetic chemicals).


Fragrances do nothing but dry out your skin. We use only essential oils for more balanced scents and aromatherapy benefits.

Ocean & Forest

Gift Set

ONLY €50


Walk in the Forest Soap
DAy Cream with aloe vera & Citrus

For Christmas, gift transformation during a dark winter with my Mayo-sourced Irish sea-salted seaweed soap along with my all natural day cream for only €50.

Each Christmas Gift Set includes an exclusive invitation to an online experience.