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Hi, I'm Maria

When I created Namawe I followed the realization that Nature makes a way whenever you have a problem or feel lost. For me, Skincare is not about looking young or covering up blemishes... or even about a trend! I connected with skincare as a coming back to myself, deepening the relationship with my own body and its needs. If I am not able to give love to myself in ways of food and good products, that means that anyone could do the same to me. The sabotage for me starts there and I learnt to build my body as my own sacred temple, because it is!

The reason Namawe is here is to give openly back to my community: starting from my knowledge of Irish medicinal herbs and my passion for simple living. I feel that these grounding elements can bring people a sense of balance. 

"When we trust in the unknown, we then evolve towards a better version of ourselves... all the time"

I strongly believe that creativity is fundamental to a fulfilling lifestyle, and everyone has an innate capacity to create. It is at the end of the day our inner voice that guide us, our intuition.

Art is a way we discover our inherent dignity and realize the power of connecting with others through authentic expression.

Trained in Art, Restoration and Conservation, I started to help people by providing Art therapy during lockdown. My walks in nature brought me to an even more fundamental idea - creative outlets require treating blockages at the source. I also learnt by studying the old masters of Art that knowledge of our past is often all we need to limit our mistakes in the future. 

Toxic food and chemical skin products can keep us from reaching a balanced creative life by souring our mood and trapping us in a beauty routine to correct blemishes, making us feel insecure and self-conscious.

Skin ailments are often caused by what we eat and worsen by what we put on our skin. In my herbalism studies, I discovered that fewer ingredients of a higher quality preserve the medicinal benefits of herbs to be as nourishing, soothing, and remedial for skincare.

I come originally from Seville, Spain and my studies in Art Restoration and Conservation have a important base in my hand-made quality products.

Because the products are mainly made by me (Maria Mayorga), I know exactly what is in every product, crafted specially hearing my clients need. And I do not compromise when it comes to quality ingredients. I have lived in Westport for almost a decade, and Namawe is my way to give back to a community that has given me a more balanced life.

Namawe is my way to give back to my local community

namawe soap store westport mayo

Namawe Factory & Store, located on Altamont St, Westport, Co. Mayo


The aim for Namawe is to teach people to look after themselves and the Environment at the same time. In order to be at peace we must be still in the mind. The best way to learn this is take a moment and link the body and mind through a healthy, daily ritual. Some people use cooking, some people use yoga or meditation,. However, for me it is to cleanse my skin.

Taking a few me-moments each day to cleanse my skin reconnects my mind and my body for the day.

Practicing this even once a week will help center you and reconnect you to what is important.

Ocean & Forest

Gift Set

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Walk in the Forest Soap
DAy Cream with aloe vera & Citrus

For Christmas, gift transformation during a dark winter with my Mayo-sourced Irish sea-salted seaweed soap along with my all natural day cream for only €50.

Each Christmas Gift Set includes an exclusive invitation to an online experience.