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Irish Nettle & Mint Shampoo Bar

(2 customer reviews)


Our Irish Nettle Solid Shampoo was made for people with regular to oily hair. Nettle is becoming one of the most popular foraged plants because it is abundant in Irish hedgerows and loaded with vitamins beneficial for the skin and overall health.

As an astringent, though, Nettle is perfect for washing oily hair because it soaks up excess oil. With the help of Tallow and a fresh citrusy blend of gentle Essential Oils, the balance of oils should last enough to extend the need to wash that often.

I highly recommend not using CONDITIONER, as these bars are made 2 in 1. They wash enough to balance your scalp oils without stripping all of them. And having oily scalp you should not need to add extra after a month using this bar.

If you are new to Cold Process Shampoo Bars, please read this post for further tips on how to make the swap easier.

We took hand-foraged nettle and combined it with rosemary, mint, goat’s milk and Beef Tallow to assist naturally your scalp. Goat’s milk helps to address flakey scalp issues like dandruff or psoriasis. 

This bar could work as well as a Shampoo and Body bar if you happen to be travelling, for instance. The fresh minty scent with notes of Grapefruit and Tea tree will make your morning shower a very cleansing routine to start the day anew.

In case you have regular scalp, like me, and you don´t know which one suits you, I can tell you my experience: my scalp is regular and I can use both. When I use my Horsetail shampoo I feel that my curls are more defined and my need to wash it is about once a week. When I use my Nettle soap, I am aware that my scalp keeps clean for longer without washes (up to 2 weeks) but my curls might need that extra.

So the election is up to you. Either way I normally give a tester of the bar is not being used to test the performance. This is more effective once your scalp is adapted to 100% natural shampoo.

Thanks for your interest in swapping to a more Heritage and old way of caring for your hair health.

Helps to:

  • Absorb and remove excess oil in hair
  • Sooth a scratchy or dry scalp
  • Promote stronger follicle strength and hair shine

Made With:

  • Organic raw goat’s milk
  • Grassfed Beef Tallow from Mayo Cows


100% Saponified Urtica dioica (Nettle) extract, Olive Oil*/ Coconut Oil*/ Urtica dioica extract, Aqua / Castor Oil*/ Apricot kernel Oil*/ Goat’s Milk*/ Shea Butter*/ Almond Oil* / Citric Acid / Mentha piperita (peppermint). Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), Ctrus paradisi (grapefruit pink). Melaleuca alternafolia (tea tree) & Cedrus atlantica (cedarwood) Oils/ ****L-menthol, trans-menthone, d-limonene, Eucalyptol**in Essential Oils *96.6% Organic

2 reviews for Irish Nettle & Mint Shampoo Bar

  1. Ciara F

    Beautiful soap and scent. Maria, you’ve given me confidence in what I’m putting on my skin – natural products that don’t dry it out. This one is gorgeous and Maria has been helpful with any questions! Amazing stuff.

  2. Laura B

    I love this shampoo! I used to go through bottles of conditioner for my thick, dry, curly hair – now I don’t use ANY conditioner at all (never thought I’d get to say that!). In fact, I barely have to wash my hair. I can go over a week now without needing to wash it and it looks so vibrant and healthy. As Maria explained to me, because the shampoo is made from natural products it doesn’t strip away all of the natural oils in my hair – hence why I no longer need to use conditioner. And I need to use so little of the shampoo too, a little goes a long way, I’ve had the same bar for months now. It also smells divine. One tip I got from Maria was to use Apple Cider Vinegar as a rinse every now and then for any buildup and this works perfectly for me. Between the Nettle shampoo and the ACV rinses my hair care is so low maintenance now and my hair is shining and curls look fabulous. I’m delighted!

    • Maria Martin

      It makes so happy to see that your experience with the Hair Care got so much simpler and better! Thanks so very much for sharing this. It keeps showing me that simpler and better helps us more than going through so many unnecessary steps. Enjoy the new journey! <3

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