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Sensitive Dry Scalp Horsetail & Rosemary Unscented Shampoo

(3 customer reviews)


[EDIT] This Bar is now unscented and with Tallow instead of Shea Butter. The perfect fit for soothing really sensitive scalps prone to eczema and redness. ///

Solid shampoo is kicking off among people who want to restore their hair from long-term chemical treatment or silicones cover at the same time they want to reduce plastic pollution.

There are so many shampoo bars around made with pressed powders (these bar are not soap) that personally crumbled in my hands while using it or left my scalp too greasy. 

Other bars of shampoo that I used before this one, were simply soaps with another name, same amount of ingredients, so they left my hair dull and dry. It just wasn’t enough.

So I ended up making an extra nourishing and gentle Tallow & Goats Milk based bar of shampoo soap, and this one was the perfect introduction to an ancient herbal remedy, horsetail. Added to Rosemary, they help to bring to the hair all the help that it needs to go along our busy lives.

Soft enough for your whole body, Horsetail is more than 300 million years old and used to grow 30 meters high. It’s no wonder that it pops through Irish gardens every Summer.

But it’s no “weed”! I grew to love this persistent pointy plant for its silica that adds sheen and strengthens hair shafts. So it makes the hair stronger and stimulates it to grow longer – though maybe not 30 meters.

The way that I crafted this bar was to simplify the hair routine and ditch the need of a Conditioner by making the bar less over-cleansing, making it appropriate for sensitive scalps. This bar takes out the extra oils without stripping out your scalp, with a creamy lather that adds protein to it.

For me, there is no sense in leaving our scalps out of oils to later add another product that contributes to a quicker need of wash. Also, our scalps are well capable of producing oils without us adding it in excess. I believe that we don’t need that many steps in our hair routine if we just take enough out and let it be. You might end up seeing that the need for washing your hair extends to about once a week!

If you still need that extra, there is some tips I have for you in my blog post. There are Hair oils that can be added once the hair is dried, that also add to our scalp health. Either way I would give a go to a more minimalistic and natural way to care for our hair, enjoying the path of falling in love with it again.


HOW TO USE: Only on scalp, where the oils produce. Lather in between the hands and add to the head, massaging in circles. Add directly to the sides of the forehead if needed for extra goodness.

Leave it 5min if you can while washing the body, etc.

Once you rinse, the soapy water will run down you hair (if long), cleaning the excess. Do add a bit from the scalp if you think you need it but I would try this way first if your hair is dry.

Now, we are not done. THE LAST OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED RINSE should be of filtered water or previously boiled. We are looking for free of chlorine water. And for an extra clarification I give the option of 1 part of Apple Cider Vinegar for 7 parts of filtered water. Apply a glass of it on the scalp and whole hair and leave it on. I promise, your hair won’t smell like salad once dry. Instead, it will shine and will be stable.

Enjoy the path to Old Heritage Ways to care for our hair.

Helps to:

  • reinforces hair roots and strengthens shafts
  • stimulate hair growth (selenium and cysteine)
  • rejuvenates your hair by adding sheen
  • address itchy scalp and illnesses like Eczema, Psoriasis and dandruff

Made with:

  • No Palm Oil – because there’s no such thing as sustainable palm oil.
  • No Parabens or fake fragrances just natural essential oils and herbal infusions with organic horsetail I forage myself.
  • organic goats milk and raw – when we can get it from the neighbour.
  • Cold process means slow, steady, and handmade.
  • Ingredients are Sourced sustainably from Irish companies.


100% Saponified: Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) extract, Sunflower Oil*/ Olive Oil* / Fresh goat’s milk/ Castor Oil*/ Cocoa Butter*/ Coconut Oil*/ Babassu Oil*/ Rosmarinus officinalis extract, Aqua/ Almond Oil*/ Apricot kernel Oil*/ Grass-fed Tallow*/ Beeswax/ 96.6% Organic.

Important Note:

  • Weight approximately between 125 g and 130 g each. The size of the bars might slightly vary as they are handmade in small batches towards the best quality.
  • Colour might be slightly different from the picture.
Weight .135 kg
Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 8 cm

3 reviews for Sensitive Dry Scalp Horsetail & Rosemary Unscented Shampoo

  1. HW

    Love, love, love this shampoo bar! Lathers up well and leaves my fine hair super soft and voluminous. I Will definitely order again.

  2. Lorraine Coffey

    I was lucky enough to be gifted this beautiful product recently. As a hairdresser of 25yrs I had never tried an all Natural Shampoo bar. I have naturally curly/unruly hair and was struggling to manage it after my regular curl product was discontinued. I was amazed and really impressed by the luxurious lather and the squeaky clean feel upon rinsing and because it conditions my hair so well I now have no need for an additional styling product. I will definitely be trying to transition my clients to make the switch from plastic bottles to this healthier more sustainable Shampoo Bar.

  3. Drusilla

    Very good info. Lucky me I recently found your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have saved as a favorite for later!

    Also visit my blog post – homepage

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