December 6

Tips when Swapping to a Natural Solid Shampoo


Are you new in the world of Natural Solid Shampoo Bars?

Do you want to go Natural and Plastic free but worry you can’t live without chemical liquid shampoo?

It can be a big jump for some people but if you want to commit, I will share with you some tips from my personal experience:

  1. You don’t have to wash all your hair with a NAMAWE shampoo bar – only the scalp. These bars I make work on the SCALP mostly. Once, rinsed, the oils from the bar will go down to your hair.
  2. Keep using the solid bar for at least a month to see real changes. Your hair is going to do a DETOX of previous silicones contained within chemical shampoo that mask your hair.
  3. If your hair feels greasy during this period of DETOX, do not worry just yet. If it continues, consult with the shampoo maker (me :)). It might not be right shampoo bar for your hair. Now that your hair is clear from all the crap chemicals, you start to understand its needs.
  4. CLARIFYING your hair after washing it is recommended. How? Combine 1 part of Apple Cider Vinegar for 7 parts of Filtered / Boiled Water. Let it cool and rinse after you finish the shower. This also helps rinse out any heavy talc, lime, or hard minerals in your water.
  5. These NAMAWE solid shampoo bars are 2 in 1. That means they work as shampoo and conditioner. So there is no need for CONDITIONER. If anything, you can always add some Argan Oil or Hair Oil on the ends. A little hair oil helps to control the hair when it’s dry and give it extra nourishment and volume.
  6. Too much washing is bad. After the month period of Detox, your hair generally won’t need to be washed that often. Maybe once a week on average.

If you are up to try, I make two NAMAWE solid shampoo bars for sensitive scalps: one for regular, dry scalp, and one for regular, oily, dandruff scalp. Horsetail and Rosemary are the active herbs in Rise and Shine Again Shampoo Bar. On a similar way I use foraged young nettle leaves in my Irish Nettle and Mint Shampoo Bar to feed and balance out your oily hair.

We back our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so please let us know how we can help you further.

Thanks for all the people wanting to make a natural change to solid shampoo. <3

If you have any more questions, pop them down below and let’s create a Q&A together.


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